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Chandelier Assembly Instructions

My Chandelier has arrived now what?

Katie’s Light House has provided an instructional video for a wooden chandelier to make your do it yourself project a little easier.

1. Begin by opening the box and removing the stabilizing paper and top cardboard.
2. Unwrap top finial piece and slide down over cord, thread onto chandelier, hand tighten.
3. Remove chandelier from box and remove bottom stabilizing cardboard.

For 2 Part Chandeliers
4. Open 2nd box, remove stabilizing cardboard.
5. Remove chandelier from box.
6. While assistant is holding top portion, make electrical connections to bottom portion.
7. While lowering top portion onto bottom feed wires up into chandelier.
8. Thread top portion of chandelier onto bottom portion and hand tighten.
9. Thread tail piece on if applicable.
10. Turn all arms parallel which may have been turned for shipping.
11. Insert the proper size light bulb into each chandelier arm socket.
12. You are now ready to hang your chandelier into place.

Kingston Wood Chandelier Instructional Assembly Video Part 1

Kingston Wood Chandelier Instructional Assembly Video Part 2

Chandelier Step By Step Installation Instructions