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Amish Made Garden Lighthouses

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Looking for Amish lighthouses to illuminate a garden path, garden lighthouses to enhance your outdoor living space, or outdoor lighthouses to add accent lighting to your dock? We have fully functional lighthouses for every application. Our Amish craftsmen will be happy to build your lighthouse according to your specs and ship it to your door.

Amish Made Garden Lighthouses FAQ’s

What does Amish Crafted, Amish Handcrafted or Amish Made Mean?

Amish crafted, Amish handcrafted, or Amish made lighthouses mean exactly that, they are crafted in the USA by local Amish craftsmen, with the term handcrafted being used to identify items that are largely made with hand tools. Our Amish craftsmen have built tens of thousands of garden lighthouses, giving them the experience necessary to refine production processes to produce a superior quality product.

What are your Amish lighthouses made from?

We offer wooden lighthouses which are constructed from high quality exterior grade signboard which is cut to size and then has the end grain sealed to prevent wicking of moisture. After assembly with stainless steel fasteners the lighthouse is painted with and exterior grade paint.

Our poly garden lighthouses are a virtually maintenance free product built to last a lifetime in harsh weather conditions. Each poly lighthouse is constructed from poly resin lumber, which does not decay, rot, crack, or splinter in a harsh environment. This material is UV resistant, to prevent color fading.

Why should I buy your lighthouse over another manufacturer?

All lighthouse are not created equal, we don't dispute that you can find a cheaper lighthouse somewhere, but then that is what you have, a cheap lighthouse. You get what you pay for, and in 2-3 years the few dollars you saved will look small when you are looking for a replacement. We challenge you to find a better lighthouse anywhere at any price. Our lighthouses are superior because we start with superior quality materials, incorporate innovative design and technique, with expert Amish craftsmanship. The result is a superior quality lighthouse that will last for many years. Why not step up to our Amish Made quality today?

Will my Amish lighthouse be functional?

Yes, we offer up to 9 lighting options for our lighthouses, including optional lighting in the base and tower.

Standard electric lighting includes a 25-watt bulb. This option is great for creating a soft ambience when your lighthouse doubles as a lamp post.
Standard electric lighting with dusk to dawn sensor, is perfect for illuminating a garden path or walkway, this option eliminates the need for a switched receptacle.
Electric revolving light is perfect for by the pond, on the dock, or anywhere you want to replicate an authentic lighthouse.
Solar light, this is your best option for a lawn lighthouse that has now power source nearby.

Are your lighthouses Eco-friendly?

Yes, our wood lumber is largely harvested from renewable forestry projects. Our poly lumber is made from 100% recycled plastic products. Poly lighthouses are the Environmentally Friendly choice. It takes hundreds of plastic bottles to make up the poly resin in 1 lighthouse. This means your purchase of a poly lighthouse keeps hundreds of plastic bottles from being disposed of in the landfill or worse, from being dumped in the ocean. Buying poly is a win, win, a big win for the environment, and a win for you in getting a superior quality product while saving our environment.

Are your lighthouses customizable?

Yes, you can choose from a number of different designs, and then choose your preferred height, add a base if you like. We offer a large selection of color options, and you have several lighting options to choose from as well. If you need help designing your lighthouse, please give us a call we will be glad to assist you.

Which is your most popular model?

The Cape Hatteras garden lighthouse replica stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of volume sold. This is no surprise since the Cape Hatteras is also one of the most popular lighthouses in America. Be sure to view our Cape Hatteras replica in our product inventory.

What is a hybrid lighthouse?

Garden lighthouses are available in a poly material or exterior grade wood. While our Amish craftsmen do everything they can in the manufacturing process, to extend the life of a wood lighthouse, eventually wood will decay and rot. What years of experience have taught us is that the base of the lighthouse where it makes contact with the ground, and the top of the lighthouse are the areas that deteriorate the quickest.

A hybrid lighthouse is when we make the top and the base of the lighthouse out of poly to eliminate the deterioration there, but the tower of the lighthouse is still made out of wood to allow for a spiral stripe design. So a hybrid lighthouse is a blend of wood and poly which allows for more flexibility in designs but has a longer life expectancy than a traditional wood lighthouse.

Hybrid garden lighthouse diagram to identify which parts are poly and which parts are wood.

How do I order?

Browse our Amish lighthouses above.
Click on the design you like.
Choose the height and if you want an optional base added.
Choose what type of lighting you want in the top.
Choose your colors.
Optional - Add lighting in the base, requires 4 foot or larger with a base.
Click add to cart button.
Checkout - Follow prompts to enter shipping & payment information.
Anticipate Arrival!

How long till my order ships?

Since all of our lighthouses are made to your specifications, our time from order till shipping can fluctuate depending upon what your ordered and the volume of orders ahead of you. Normal wait times are 1-4 weeks, with wait times extending out to 5-7 weeks over our peak season. If you want an accurate ship time or have a time frame you need to work with, please call us, our Amish craftsmen will do whatever they can to accommodate your needs. 

Still have questions? Call us at 484-388-1508 or visit our Garden Lighthouse Buyers Guide. Ready to order? Begin by selecting your preferred Amish made garden lighthouse model from our inventory above.