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Decorative Lighthouses

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Looking for an ornamental or decorative lighthouse for your lawn? Our outdoor decorative lighthouses are available in poly, stone or wood, with a variety of designs & color options in each. Choose A Category To Get Started!

4 Uses for Outdoor Decorative Lighthouses

Best Nautical Landscape Decor

Outdoor decorative lighthouses are the perfect choice to add a nautical touch to your pool area, or enhance decks, patios, landscapes, and docks. Each one of our authentic, miniature replicas features a paint scheme to mirror that of its namesake. Need a pool house? What about a custom lighthouse that doubles as a poolhouse?

Walkway Lighting & Doorway Ambience

Decorative lighthouses are perfect for placing by the doorway at your beach house to create that perfect nighttime ambience. Is there a step or dimly lit section of a walkway or path that could use some illumination? Our lighthouses can be equipped with solar lighting to provide that illumination with no wiring necessary.

Decorative Wellhead & Well Casing Covers

Has the beauty of your landscape been tarnished by an unsightly wellhead or well casing protruding from the ground? Does your lush green lawn have a septic cleanout pipe as it's focal point? While these objects serve a purpose, they also bring a degree of degradation to what would otherwise be a stunning landscape. We empathize with you. May we suggest a solution to your dilemma?

Thousands of homeowners across the United States have opted for covering unsightly objects like wellheads and sewer pipes with one of our outdoor decorative lighthouses. These lighthouses are designed with a hollow base to slide down over these objects and conceal them from sight while enhancing your lawn or outdoor living space.

Attention Getters & Statement Decor Pieces

Want to draw some extra attention to your place of business? Looking to turn your place of business into a memorable landmark? Need to stand out from the competition on the boardwalk? Are you needing to add a focal point to your lake property? If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help! We have assisted many clients in customizing the lighthouse of their dreams. Anything from a 17 foot decorative statement piece with an authentic light to a 30 foot lighthouse that doubles as a ticket window for your golf course. You dream it and we will help you create it.

Superior Quality Decorative Lighthouses

When you are in the market for a decorative lighthouse there are a number of different manufacturers to choose from and a vast assortment of dealers to choose from. Why should you buy from Country Living Primitives?

Knowledgable Service

We are not just a guy sitting behind a computer selling lighthouses on a webpage. Seriously! Our staff knows lighthouses, we have been selling them for over 15 years, and we have been to the facility of the manufacturers we represent. We make it a point to visit our manufacturer on a regular basis and stay abreast of any changes or future opportunities that may be of interest to our customers.

In the rare event that we don't have the answer to your question, we will call the manufacturer and get you an answer, we don't just make things up as we go. Give us a call we would love to help you design a lighthouse for your outdoor space.

Amish Handcrafted In The USA

All the lighthouses we sell are Amish handcrafted in Pennsylvania by local Amish craftsmen. It goes without saying that Amish crafted and superior quality are synonymous. Amish craftsmen have passed their knowledge and trade skills from one generation to another for centuries, as a result todays Amish craftsman is better equipped than someone who is just learning the trade. 

Couple the skillsets from generations past with the modern techniques and innovation of Amish craftsman today, then add to it the experience gained from building thousands of lighthouses, and you are well on the way to producing a superior quality product.  

Raw Materials Matter

We believe super quality starts at the foundation, therefore our lighthouses are constructed from the best raw materials available. Our Amish Crafted wood lighthouses are manufactured from high quality exterior grade signboard material which is precision cut for a good fit and then has the end grain sealed to prevent the wicking of moisture.

Don't be fooled, all lighthouses are not created equal! Many manufacturers use Pine, OSB, or T-111 which is not able to withstand harsh outdoor elements. Fasteners are an integral part of a superior quality product. Our assembly is done with stainless steel fasteners to prevent rust.

For our poly products we use premium grade poly lumber which is designed to last a lifetime. Poly lighthouses are a virtually maintenance free product since they are constructed from a poly resin lumber that does not rot or decay, and is UV treated to resist fading. 

Replacement Parts Available

We are one of the few who offers replacement parts for your decorative lighthouse. If you purchase a poly lighthouse, there is a reasonable chance that it will outlive you. However in all likelihood at some point you will need to replace the lighting fixture, when that time comes we have replacement lighting that fits our lighthouses. If you bought from another manufacturer no worries, send us a picture of the top of your lighthouse, we will let you know if our lighting will fit your application. Need a new base, a new top, or other parts, visit our replacement parts page with the link below.

Shop Lighthouse Replacement Parts

No Major Assembly Required

We ship our lighthouses "fully assembled" as much as it is feasible to do so. Assembly on our smaller models amounts to removing the shrink wrap on arrival, laying the lighthouse on the side to retrieve the roof from the hollow center in the bottom, where it was place to keep it from damage during shipping, then standing the lighthouse back up and sliding the roof down over the on top. NO TOOLS NEEDED and 2 minute spent.

Our larger models ship with the tower and the top in separate boxes, for these you need a Philips screwdriver for assembly. Place the top onto the tower and use the screwdriver to tighten the screws in the top to secure it to the tower. 1 Philips screwdriver and 3 minutes required. 8 foot and large models you will need an assistant to help you set up your lighthouse.

We highly recommend securing our larger models to the surface they are placed on. Each lighthouse has a reinforced rib around its base for this purpose. For models placed on the ground many homeowners go to Lowes or Home Depot and purchase lengths of Threaded Rod and a washer and nut for each. With the washer and nut on the top, these lengths of rod can be pounded down into the ground to secure your lighthouse to the ground. For our 12 foot and taller models we recommend using masonry anchors to secure the base of the lighthouse to the concrete pad it is sitting on.

Outdoor Decorative Lighthouse FAQ's

If you still have questions about our lighthouses visit our Buyers Guide & FAQ's page with the link below.

Lighthouse FAQ's & Buyers Guide

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