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Chandelier Step By Step Installation Guide

The following guidelines are provided for your safety, please read carefully before installing your chandelier. We highly recommend direct wired fixtures be installed by a professional electrician. 

If you purchased a Katie's Handcrafted Lighting chandelier, your chandelier should have the following hardware included in the installation kit:

  • Canopy plate 
  • Mounting strip with green ground screw
  • Mounting Screws
  • Threaded pipe nipple 
  • Locknut
  • Wire Nuts
  • Chain Loop 
  • Chain
  • Instructions

If your chandelier came with installation instructions please follow them, this guide is designed for general reference.


Chandelier Step By Step Installation Guide

  1. SHUT OFF the main electrical supply from the fuse box/circuit breaker.

  2. If this is not a new installation, remove existing fixture – loosen the locknut while holding the canopy plate with one hand. Lower the canopy plate. This exposes the outlet box that holds the wiring. 

  3. Unscrew the plastic wire nuts and disconnect the black and white house wires from the old fixture. Disconnect the ground wire (save the wire nuts). Remove the nipple and mounting strip that crosses the outlet box. 

  4. (See Fig.A1) Attach the crossbar to the junction box by placing the (2) screws through the slots in either end of the crossbar. (Crossbar should be installed so GND imprint is facing out.)

  5. Screw nipple into threaded hole in crossbar, secure with nut. Do not thread in nipple more than 3 complete turns.

  6. (See Fig.A) Spread open the end link of chain. Put the open link through the fixture loop and close the link so the chain is locked to it.

  7. At this point you have to decide how much chain you are going to use so that the fixture hangs at the desired height. Spread open the chain link that you have decided will be the upper link and remove any unwanted links. Lay them aside for future use.

  8. Take the ground wire and weave it through the links. (except the 4 links at the top)

  9. Now do the same with the fixture lead wire.

  10. Slide the loop and canopy, in that order, over the wires. (For easier installation temporarily attach chain to crossbar to support fixture while wiring)

  11. (See Fig. B) GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS: For 2 wire systems loop ground wire around grounding screw. For 3 wire systems; ground wire from fixture can be attached to directly to house ground wire in outlet box.

  12. There should be 6-8 inches of insulated wire inside the junction box, when you know the necessary length of the fixture lead wires remove excess, then strip off ¾ inch of both leads of the fixture wire and split them for several inches. (Be sure to allow plenty of lead wire on fixture, DO NOT cut to short, some excess can be stowed in junction box.)

  13. Twist the ribbed insulated wire with the white wire inside the junction box and secure the splice with a wire nut. Be sure there are no stray strands of wire protruding from the wire nut.

  14. Then twist the smooth insulated wire with the black wire in the junction box and secure the splice with a wire nut. Be sure there are no stray strands of wire protruding from the wire nut.

  15. Be sure all wire nuts are tight on the wires and that the wires cannot pull free.

  16. After wires are connected, tuck them carefully into the outlet box and then raise the canopy against the ceiling and screw the loop to the nipple. Canopy must be held flush to the ceiling and completely cover the junction box.

  17. DO NOT hook chain to the loop UNTIL the canopy and loop have been secured to prevent twisting of wire and chain. Now hook chain to loop and you have successfully completed the installation.

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