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Chandelier Step By Step Installation Guide

The following guidelines are provided for your safety, please read carefully before installing your chandelier. We highly recommend direct wired fixtures be installed by a professional electrician. 

If you purchased a Katie's Handcrafted Lighting chandelier, your chandelier should have the following hardware included in the installation kit:

  • Canopy plate 
  • Mounting strip with green ground screw
  • Mounting Screws
  • Threaded pipe nipple 
  • Locknut
  • Wire Nuts
  • Chain Loop 
  • Chain
  • Instructions

If your chandelier came with installation instructions please follow them, this guide is designed for general reference.


chandelier-installation-diagram.jpgWhat is Needed:

  • 2 pair of pliers
  • 1 flat head screwdriver
  • 1 wire stripper or something to cut insulation around electric wire.
  1. Be sure breaker switch has been turned off before touching any electrical wires.
  2. Determine the length of chain you will need to hang the light fixture. Normally an 8-foot ceiling will require approx. 1-2 feet of chain for hanging the fixture. Remove any unwanted chain by using the 2 pair of pliers to pry open the unwanted loop(s).
  3. Attach the crossbar snuggly to the junction box by the (2) screws, through the slots at either end of the crossbar. (Crossbar should be installed with the “GND” imprint facing out.)
  4. Screw threaded nipple into threaded hole in crossbar; turn it in 5 complete revolutions.
  5. Fasten one end of the chain to the loop on top of the light fixture by spreading open the end link of the chain. Put the open link through the fixture loop and close the link so the chain is locked to it. Now feed the chain thru the screw collar ring and ceiling plate, (be sure ceiling plate is on top and facing the correct direction) then fasten the other end of the chain to the chain connector collar. Screw the chain connector collar on to the threaded nipple already inserted in the crossbar. The light should now hang at the desired height.
  6. Take ground wire and weave it through the chain links (approx. every fourth link), be sure to pass it through the screw collar ring and ceiling plate. When you get to the top of the chain pass the wire thru the chain connector collar until it comes out the top of the crossbar. Measure approx. 6 inches of wire out from the cross bar and cut the balance off.
  7. Now do the same with the fixture lead wire.
  8. Strip wire ends and connect to wires in electrical box (the ribbed half of the black fixture wire connects to the white wire in the electrical box and the smooth half of the fixture wire connects to the black wire in the electrical box.
  9. Connect the fixture’s ground wire to the ground wire in the electrical box or to the ground screw on the cross bar.
  10. Use wire connectors to cover all bare wire connections. If wire connectors are not provided you may use the ones from your previous fixture or purchase new ones at a hardware store.
  11. Slide the ceiling plate and screw collar ring up the chain until the ceiling plate is flush against the ceiling. Tighten screw collar ring until it is snug. BE CAREFUL, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

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