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Pull It All Together: How to Style a Braided Rug

Pull It All Together: How to Style a Braided Rug

6th Feb 2019

Did you know that braided rug you are contemplating has a deeply rooted 120-year history in American homes? As the colonists settled into life in America they looked for solutions for covering their wood flooring. Women began to weave different colored wool to create colorful braided rugs.

How can you bring this piece of American history into your home? Keep reading for ideas to help you style your new rug.

Take a Picture

Rugs are bulky and large so taking it with you is not an option. So before you go shopping for the rest of the elements for the room, take a picture. Make sure you have really good lighting on the rug so you can see the colors well.

Don't Get Too Matchy

Not everything in the room has to perfectly match. The great thing about woven rugs is that they have multiple colors.

This gives you more freedom in finding pieces that work well with the rug but don't exactly match. Don't be afraid to use lots of color and pattern combinations. This is right on trend for interior design this year.

Consider the Shape

Look at the size of your room and the placement of the furniture. Use the shape of the rug to enhance the room.

If you have an open floor plan or if your furniture is already arranged in a square then choose a square rug. A circle rug in these spaces will look unbalanced and incomplete with flooring peeking through.

Whatever rug you choose, make sure that the furniture feet at least touch the rug. For the best look, the front feet should be on the rug. This will blend the rug into the space.

Make a Statement

Don't be afraid to make the rug the focal point of the room. Keep the furniture and lighting more simplistic or rustic. Opt for more neutral colors for everything else in the room.

Then choose a rug that has a bold color combination for the weave. That way the eye is drawn to the rug when you enter the room.

Embrace the History

We started out talking about how braided rugs have a deep history in colonial America. So why not embrace these origins and decorate with a farmhouse or colonial feel?

Look for furniture and lighting that is more rustic and wooden. Items that look handmade are another good addition, though if they're actually hand made they can get pricy.

Decorate with Braided Rugs

Bring a bit of American history into your home by decorating with braided rugs. Hopefully, these ideas will help you come up with an approach for the interior design of your home.

Don't be afraid to experiment by mixing and matching colors and textures. If this makes you nervous though you can always keep everything neutral and let the rug shine.

Now that you have the floor sorted out, how about pairing your rug with colonial lighting?