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An Old World Touch: How to Choose Colonial Lighting for Your Home

An Old World Touch: How to Choose Colonial Lighting for Your Home

7th Jan 2019

The modern, minimalist style isn't for everyone. When it comes to home decor, people prefer to look to the past instead of to the future. Colonial design is one of the most popular styles.

If you're looking to create the colonial home of your dreams, one of the most important factors will be your lighting. Even if your furniture is perfect, the vibes will be thrown off if you have lighting that's too modern.

This doesn't mean you need to be illuminating your house with candles, of course -- just that you need to know how to choose the right design!

Read on to discover some colonial lighting ideas for your home.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights may have been popularized in the nineties, but certain styles look positively colonial. Choosing a bronze finish, for example, will give your lighting fixture the rustic look you're going for.

Nickel or iron are other great options for the colonial style. Choose a stem rather than a wire to complete the look of your new fixture.

Pendant lights are especially helpful if you need extra light in areas like the kitchen where your kids need to buckle down and do homework. You can also use these in your entryway or above a dining room table.

Flush Mounts

Don't have the space for pendant lights? Try flush mounts instead, which sit closer to the ceiling. (You won't run the risk of a particularly tall son accidentally hitting his head on your new lights!)

This option is especially useful if you have a home that was built in the colonial era. Since the ceilings of these homes tend to be lower, flush mounts will give you the lighting you're looking for without crowding the space.

Unlike pendant lights, which help to light specific areas, flush mounted lights will provide lighting throughout a room. Antique brass finishes add a nice touch, as well as fixtures that use transparent instead of opaque glass.

Hanging Lanterns

If you really want to be a purist and get as close to colonial-era lighting as possible, hanging lanterns will make you feel like you've been transported back to the nineteenth century.

Choosing wrought iron is a fantastic way to make a brand new light fixture feel as though it came from a different time. You can use a hanging lantern inside your home, or choose two outdoor lanterns to flank your front door.

These come in lots of different styles, so you can go as ornate or as understated as you want. It's up to you!

Choose the Best Colonial Lighting for Your Home

Colonial lighting fixtures are a key part of styling your home. With this guide, you should be able to start coming up for ideas for what will work best for you and your living space.

If you're ever in doubt, go for simplicity and usability. You're sure to end up with a fantastic option.

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