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Country Decor Floor Accents

Country Decor Floor Accents

Posted by Primitive Country on 28th Jun 2016

Braided Rug by Earth Rugs

Braided rugs by Earth Rugs make a great addition to any country decor scheme. They are available in numerous color combinations and sizes ranging from 30" up to 8' long. These rugs can serve several purposes:

  • They make great doormats to collect unwanted dirt and debris from the outdoors.
  • Use them as runners in high traffic areas to protect floors from excessive wear.
  • Use them as decor accents to enhance the beauty of your home.

Braided Rug Country Decor

While hardwood floors are beautiful to look at, they can create a cold atmosphere. Strategically placing an area rug  on a hardwood floor creates a warm inviting feel. When placed in a sitting area or under a chair it can protect your feet from the cold floor in the winter months. 

Area rugs can be used to transform enclosed areas with concrete floors such as; enclosed porches or breezeways into living space. Cover the unsightly concrete floor with a beautiful braided rug and you have already made the area more attractive to every day use. Begin your floor decor makeover today!