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Amish Made Wood Garden Lighthouse - Cape May

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Ships In Approximately 10-15 Business Days

These wooden lighthouses are handcrafted by Amish craftsmen using LP Smartside exterior grade wood. Each wood lighthouse is painted with exterior grade paint to ensure it will endure all types of weather conditions. Add a nautical touch to your landscape with a garden lighthouse from Amish Country, Pennsylvania.

  • Available in Sizes From 2 Foot to 9 Foot
  • Approx. Delivery Time 1-2 Weeks
  • Ships Only To The Continental United States

Lighting Options: Our lighthouses come equipped with standard electrical accent lighting which plugs into a standard AC/DC outlet, several other lighting options are available. When choosing a lighthouse option consider placement of your lighthouse in relation to a power source and proximity to residences. Solar lights are a great solution if power source is not available and you desire illumination for your lighthouse. Take note with solar lighting options the roof of your lighthouse will have a solar panel attached to it, see photo below.

Standard Electrical Light: Standard light fixture, with 25 watt bulb, (included), which plugs into a standard AC/DC outlet, gives off soft accent lighting when the light is plugged in.

Electrical Revolving Light: This light will most accurately simulate the effect of a real lighthouse with its continuous beam of bright light revolving 360 degrees. The revolving light operates off a small motor and system of mirrors to give it a beacon effect. Comes with 4 watt bulb, 120 volt, 36 RPM. Not available on our 2” lighthouse model.

Solar Light: Allows you to set your lighthouse virtually anywhere it has access to sunlight with no wiring needed. The solar collectors will gather sunlight during the day and the light will shine softly at night. This option comes equipped with a switch to change your light from steady to a “revolving/rotating light appearance”. When switch is turned to revolving, through the use of 8 LED bulbs fixed in a circle and 3 lighting at a time, as one light goes out the next one in the sequence lights creating a revolving/rotating light appearance. This lighting option is equivalent to a 4 watt bulb. 

Need help with choosing the options for your lighthouse? Please call us at 484-388-1508, we will be glas to assist you in creating the lighthouse of your dreams.


Click link to view more wooden lighthouses.

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