Solar Lighthouse LED Light Kit w/Stake For Amish Garden Lighthouses

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Need a solar light for your lighthouse? This Solar Lighthouse Light Kit fits our 3' - 8' wood & poly lighthouses. This solar kit is equipped with a switch to turn the light off if desired. Comes with a stake to mount the panel on the ground and a bracket to mount the panel on the lighthouse or a nearby structure. Set your lighthouse virtually anywhere it has access to sunlight with no wiring needed. The solar collectors will gather sunlight during the day and the light will shine softly at night. Get your solar lighthouse light today!

  • LED Bulb = 3 Volt,  0.5 Watt, 360 Lumens
  • Working Time: 6-8 hours (battery fully charged)
  • 10+ Feet of Cord Allows Mounting Solar Panel On Nearby Structure
  • Easy Installation, 3-10 Minutes
  • Installation Instructions Included