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Your Guide to the Best Bedroom Chandeliers for Your Home

Your Guide to the Best Bedroom Chandeliers for Your Home

1st Nov 2018

Queen Elizabeth understands the value and beauty of chandelier lighting in her home. Royals were once willing to invest in 30 employees just to light them each night before electricity was introduced to the palace.

As the queen (or king) of your castle, you want the same perfect lighting for your bedroom.

Here are the best bedroom chandeliers and where to hang them to add class and coziness to your bedroom!

Where to Hang Bedroom Chandeliers

Before we get into which chandeliers are most appropriate for a bedroom setting, it's important to consider where in the bedroom to hang them.

If your chandelier will be the primary light source in the room, hang it in a central location. However, it has become popular (and we must say, charming) to either double up on your bedroom chandeliers or hang one off center for accent lighting.

You might consider hanging two chandeliers, one on either side of your bed above nightstands. Some designers hang one above a desk or chair - in place of a lamp.

Then there's the classic chandelier above a mirror or makeup table.

Wherever you decide to hang a bedroom chandelier, it's always best to first choose the location.

Pendant Chandeliers

It's no secret that pendant lighting is popular right now, but pendant chandeliers look delightful above more than just your kitchen table.

Create a comfortable, rustic ambiance in your bedroom with any style of pendant chandelier: metallic, grouped geometric shapes, glass, open frame - you name it.

Oval spheres or strap sphere pendant chandeliers are especially good looking in the bedroom if you're using one as your primary source of lighting.

Crystal or Glass Chandeliers

Glass or crystal chandeliers catch the light and become an excellent focal piece for bedroom lighting. They draw the eye and add class even when they aren't turned on.

For country/farmhouse style bedrooms, you can find a mason jar or glass bottle chandelier to add charm.

A bedroom chandelier is easy to match with any decor style or future updates in your bedroom. You just need to choose the right style.

Wooden Chandeliers

Wood chandeliers add comfort, especially to a bedroom. Plus, they come in a large variety of styles and designs.

Depending on your preferences, you can select a highly customized chandelier, or stick with something simple and still be on point with the design.

You can find anything from antlers to chandeliers made of wood. Combine the best of both worlds and choose a wooden cage or open-framed pendant chandelier to hang above a bed as a primary source of light.

More Rustic Decorating Ideas

Now that you've got some great ideas for bedroom chandeliers, learn how to choose one with the right dimensions and price for your space.

Don't stop there - add even more charm to your home with some unique rustic decorating tips and ideas.

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