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Wouldn't It Be Lovely? Why You Should Buy a Wood Chandelier

Wouldn't It Be Lovely? Why You Should Buy a Wood Chandelier

11th Feb 2019

Whether you want your home to exude a warm, Scandinavian "hygge" vibe or you'd like to enhance your home's Colonial appeal, a wood chandelier represents your go-to home decor accessory.

Why? Wood has many different faces and qualities. It can appear cozy, rustic, old-fashioned, or surprisingly contemporary. And when mixed with metal, it adds a unique dimension and sophistication to a metal chandelier.

Ready to learn more about how you can dress up your home using this gorgeous natural resource? Let's dive into wood chandelier lighting and what's trending this season.

The Perfect Wooden Chandelier for Your Home

Are you looking for a hygge-inspired Scandinavian feel? A contemporary white wood chandelier with a minimalistic vibe? Or, maybe you love the nostalgia and rustic appeal of primitive decor?

Wooden chandeliers have got you covered no matter what your style preference.

For the Scandinavian look, opt for a lighting fixture reminiscent of a candelabra. The candles will provide soft lighting and a sense of ultimate coziness. Farmhouse-inspired fixtures beautifully complement this style, too.

For contemporary appeal, look for geometric or abstract chandeliers with clean lines. You can dress these up or down to add a fresh twist and modern edginess to your home.

Or, think mixed materials. These come in an endless array of unique designs and add serious contemporary charm to any pad.

Finally, to give your home that feeling of being grounded in history, look for Americana or Colonial-inspired lighting. As with the hygge look, wooden chandeliers provide the perfect mixture of warmth and antique sophistication.

Ideal Placement of Wood Chandeliers

As you consider chandelier placement, keep these practical tips in mind.

First, don't buy a chandelier that proves larger than your table. Otherwise, people will end up bumping into it. A good chandelier should measure about 12 inches narrower than your table.

Second, make sure you find the perfect spot and height to hang your chandelier. Not sure where to start? Check out this handy rule of thumb.

For a room with an eight-foot-tall ceiling, the chandelier should hang between 30 and 34 inches over the table. But what if your ceilings prove higher? Then, add three inches to this base height for each additional foot of ceiling.

Third, look for a chandelier that enhances your room size, furnishings, and possessions.

How do you know if a chandelier actually "fits" your room size? Get out your measuring tape. The ideal chandelier placement should measure at least 48 inches away from each wall or corner of the room where you intend to hang it.

As for enhancing your furnishings and decor, keep this in mind. No matter how much you love a piece, if you have to redecorate your entire room to harmonize with your lighting fixture, you may be on a home decor wild goose chase.

The Right Wood Chandelier for Your Space

When it comes to the right lighting for your home, think wood chandelier. It will enrich the feel of any room. And when chosen carefully, it will highlight the furnishings and design elements you already have in place.

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