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Wooden Chandelier

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

Many people take to primitive decor because it is so easy to invest in at the beginning. Perhaps your aunt or uncle left you some antiques and you knew of a local store that sold wooden furniture. Maybe you collected a few craft goods along the way to compliment the pieces you already had. Or maybe you fell in love with a single piece like a wooden chandelier, a beautiful and affordable option for those interested in primitive decor. It is easy and fun to pick up primitive decor and build as you go. There are many charming possible components available for sale, including both vintage pieces and contemporary reproductions. However, the time inevitably comes when you look around your home with its fine wooden furniture and old-fashioned knickknacks in a row on the shelves of your cabinets, and wonder what to do next.

There are only so many decorations you can add to your home before it begins to look messy and perhaps even a little bit gaudy. However, if you have had a plan in mind with your acquisitions, and have taken care to get the general mood right, then you probably have not reached the tipping point of decorating in poor taste. One option for improving your home’s value while making it more objectively beautiful is to add permanent lighting fixtures in the form of chandeliers.

If you are using primitive design strategies then anything made of plastic is, of course, not an option for you. That leaves two viable choices as far as materials go. The first is metalwork, and the second is wood. Metalwork can lend an impression of strength at the cost of seeming unyielding, heavy, and restraining. Metal is best used sparingly in primitive home decor. When employed in the wrong area, some types of metalwork can seem imposing or even overwhelming. On the other hand, wood is like tofu, in that it absorbs many of the qualities of the area around it. Couple that with the fact that wood is generally cheaper, and it becomes clear that it is often the better choice for living areas. However, one does not necessarily have to use one type of material to the exclusion of the other.

The wooden chandelier may not be not commonly seen in mainstream decorating, but primitive design aficionados will be delighted by what it brings to the home. It’s not uncommon for a wooden chandelier to incorporate a small amount of metalwork into its design. Modern chandeliers are often suspended from attractive metal chains. A metal chain is very useful as part of a modern wooden chandelier, as it can serve two purposes at once. The chain of the wooden chandelier supports the fixture in a sturdy yet stylish manner, while hiding the cord that provides electricity to the light bulbs.