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Top 5 Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures to Choose From

Top 5 Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures to Choose From

1st Sep 2018

When renovating a home, many overlook the value and elegance that changing up lighting fixtures can add. No room should be overlooked, even the bathroom deserves beautiful lighting.

It can be difficult choosing the right lighting for your home type. Many farmhouse owners specifically struggle to find the perfect fixtures.

Are you searching for the perfect lighting to add to your home? You are in the right spot. Keep reading below for five of the top farmhouse lighting fixtures available!

1. Pendants

Pendant lighting is an amazing option for any home, but especially farmhouses. The opportunities are endless and with the right choice, you can create an atmosphere to bring you comfort for years.

One option that would work in a modern or rustic style farmhouse is mason jar pendant lights. Mason jars are all the rage, and for good reason. They offer a unique element that also allows for the DIY spirit to have fun.

If Mason jars aren't your vibe, there are numerous modern and sleek options to add specific areas of light to your farmhouse kitchen, dining room, or even living room.

2. Wall Lights and Sconces

These lighting fixtures are placed on walls in your home. Available in a near endless color and finish, they can provide the perfect decor element while illuminating your home.

Wall sconces or lights come in handy because, with them, light can be directed upward, downward, or both. These make excellent task lighting, especially if placed in a living room near a comfortable nook. Book and cup of tea, anyone?

3. Recessed Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures

Recessed lights are placed in the ceiling, with the light casing being even with the ceiling. These lights require at least six inches of clearance.

While it may take a little time and money to have recessed lighting installed, it can have a dramatic effect. Recessed lighting is very flexible in that it can create soft, ambient lighting, but also full, bright light for entire rooms.

4. Track Lighting

This type of lighting is often found in kitchens. Hung from the ceiling, track lighting consists of multiple individual bulbs that can be moved around.

Having the ability to move individual lights means you can customize the areas that have the most light.

5. Chandelier

Chandeliers are statement pieces. Adding one to your farmhouse is a great option to add a feeling of luxury to your home. Placing one over the dining area or in an entryway are both common locations.

If you are unsure how to ensure you pick the perfect chandelier, there are some straightforward guidelines regarding size and brightness.

Keep Your Farmhouse Light and Bright

As you can see, there are many options when shopping for farmhouse lighting fixtures. Regardless of your specific tastes, there are style options for you.

Don't stress about choosing light fixtures, have fun with it! This is your chance to add unique and personal elements to your home.

Looking for more design ideas for your farmhouse? Be sure to check out our guide to rustic home decor!