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How to Choose the Best Chandelier for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Chandelier for Your Home

26th Nov 2018

Looking for the perfect chandelier for your home? A chandelier is a perfect way to bring light into your home while adding style and class. In fact, chandeliers have been lighting homes since medieval times. Originally, they appeared in the homes of the working class as early as the 15th century. Eventually, they transitioned into status symbols due to the high-quality candles and materials that were used to make them. The word chandelier originates from the French word 'chandelle


Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

Many home decorators like to implement their visions from the top to the bottom of a room, starting with the ceiling. The chandelier has been used as decoration for centuries. These beautiful fixtures function on two levels, as both a decorative piece and a source of light. They have often been seen as a symbol of status, due to their potential for ornate design and their history of being used to light and decorate castles and palaces. Etymologically, the word ‘chandelier’ comes from the Latin