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​Solar Lighthouse Replacement Tops

​Solar Lighthouse Replacement Tops

22nd Feb 2022

The development of solar power has created the opportunity to capture the sun’s energy, by adding a replacement solar panel kit to an existing part of an item, such as a solar lighthouse replacement top.

Solar power was discovered many years ago, and the invention of solar power cell technology is credited to a young French physicist named Edmond Becquerel. Since his work in 1839, many other physicists and inventors helped to further the invention, into the solar panels that we have today.

A solar panel works by letting particles of light, known as photons, to bump electrons loose from the atoms. In doing this it creates electricity. A solar panel is made up of a lot of little units that are called photovoltaic cells. These cells linked together are what make a solar panel, and the cells are what convert the sunlight into electricity.

Solar lighthouse replacement tops use this technology. By adding a solar kit to your existing garden lighthouse, you can have a light shining consistently, or you have the option to have the light appear revolving. The best part is that if your lighthouse is set where it can capture the sun’s energy, it can run without any wires or electrical cords. This means you do not need to keep it close to an electrical outlet.

The installation of the solar lighthouse replacement top is not hard, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. Also, it is a small compact feature that does not take away from the great look of your garden lighthouse. Take advantage of the sun’s energy by adding the solar lighthouse replacement top to your lighthouse, today.