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Rustic Primitive Decor

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

Rugged American independence is nowhere better expressed than in rustic primitive decor; and no one offers better items to create just that feel than Country Living Primitives. We go above and beyond the antlers and stuffed fish motifs; we have pieces available that acknowledge the ingenuity of early American frontier spirit.

Fun and frugal

Rustic primitive decor does not need to be expensive; as a matter of fact in the spirit of our frontier ancestors we should make our decor as frugal as possible. That is exactly what Country Living Primitives does. We have a wonderful collection of antique cookware for the kitchen, which we all know is where everyone loves to gather. Just a few antique cups or dishes will make the dining room into a wonderful expression of rustic primitive decor. The living room can be enlightened with a wrought iron or wooden chandelier to serve as the center piece for the rustic primitive decor in that room. There is no need to spend massive amounts of hard earned money, or buy cheap imported garbage from a chain store. Our own past has left plenty of treasures that can be used to make any house into a welcoming American home. Don’t forget the check your own boxes for family heirlooms; even a tattered patchwork quilt, or a few pieces of chipped, but hand painted crockery can be wonderful additions when displayed as the treasures they are.

Indoor and out

Don’t forget to include the outside of your home when you decorate. Country Living Primitives has a collection of very inexpensive wreaths and garlands which will add to your rustic primitive decor and are suitable for use inside and outside, and you can afford several so you can change them with the season. Wonderful old agate pitchers and teapots may not be useable anymore, but they are wonderfully picturesque, and can be set on the doorstep, or by the fireplace and look like they belong there. A little cast iron quail to greet you as you come in your door or an antique ice scoop hanging on the wall all give a cheerful simple hominess to any house.

Express your independence with rustic primitive decor

Even if you are living in an apartment, you can still decorate your home in a way that makes you feel the country when you come in the door after a hard day’s work. America has always been about independence and Country Living Primitives has what everyone needs to express their individual version of easy living rustic primitive decor.