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Primitive Pictures

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

We all love having beautiful pictures on our walls, but not all of us are fans of the European classics or the French impressionists. American primitive pictures are wonderful representatives of our own history and traditions. Country Living Primitives offers many of these wonderful art works at very reasonable prices.

Primitive pictures harken back to a time of innocence

In a world that is often so slick, digital, and over polished, it is refreshing to see something that is simple, basic, and unpretentious. Primitive art is simple, often even childlike; rather than a photographically accurate painting the artist has shown the essence of a thing, a red flower with green leaves, a white duck, or a brown dog. The charm of these pieces make your home seem easy going, warm and friendly, a welcome contrast to the fast paced, cold, commercialism we see way too much of everyday. The simple honesty of primitive art refreshes the mind and the soul. American is rich with these gentle images, drawn from the lives of the hardworking, uncomplicated folks who settled this great land of ours. Using primitive art in your home helps take family and friends back to a less hyperactive, time, when things moved at a walking pace rather than a constant dash.

Set the tone of a room

Primitive pictures can be used as focal points either setting the tone of a room, or the theme of a collection of family photos, for instance, or any other collection of items. Friendship, family, hard work, faith, and living close to nature; all these are common themes. A piece of artwork or stitchery with a homily about family is a wonderful center piece for your family pictures. A simple print of a painting of an old church in the woods on the wall above your family bible makes a wonderful statement of faith. Even an apartment can be made to feel warm and cozy with the addition of enough friendly touches, reminding us of our country roots and our rustic past.

Primitive pictures are more than just paintings

Primitive pictures can use many mediums; paint on canvas, stitchery, wreaths made of sticks, berries, and branches, or glaze on a plate or mug; all these things express the simple beauty of the world around us. Embroidered pillows, patchwork quilts, burlap dolls, rustic wood carvings; these are the things that contribute to the simple, cozy, handmade feel of a room or an entire house.

So don’t let your walls go unadorned, or cover them with pretentious pieces that don’t speak to the heart. Let Country Living Primitives provide you with beautiful primitive pictures to set off your beautiful American country home.