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Primitive Lighting

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

Primitive lighting will warm your heart and make you long for old times. You can spend thousands of dollars on decorating your home, but it will not feel complete without the right lighting. Thomas Edison created the first reliable light bulb for home use in 1879. This was a simpler time that we sometimes wish we could have today.

We have continued to perfect on the invention of the light bulb since that time. However, this does not mean we cannot grasp onto some of those feelings of times gone by. Country Living Primitives has managed to pair the better of two elements. They have used modern lighting technology with fixtures that will take you back in time. Thomas Edison may have invented the light bulb, but this company has perfected the look of lighting.

If you want to bring the primitive look to your lighting, you can choose from many different styles. You can get chandeliers made of wood, tin or iron. Sconces are also available in many different shapes and materials. You can get table lamps of different shapes and sizes if you like a simpler feel to your home. Country Living Primitives even offers a large variety of lanterns for outdoor lighting.

Primitive Lighting: Bulbs Aid the Look

There are also different styles of light bulbs available for these fixtures to help create an Old World effect in your home. Primitive lighting does not have to be dim and dull. This lighting can be both bright and have a sense of whimsy. The nightlights are perfect for helping to relieve the fears of the little ones. Country Living Primitives has taken the work out of decorating your home to achieve a warm and cozy feel. All of our lighting can be used separately or easily paired with each other.

This kind of lighting can be used in many different ways. You can take a modern house and make it eclectic by adding touches of the past with these lights. They could also be used as a jumping off point in making your home feel like it stepped out of a special place in history. Maybe it could even spark a history lesson for the kids from grandpa when he sees the lighting you have chosen!

A special ambiance can be achieved when using primitive style lights from Country Living Primitives, whatever decorating scheme you choose for your home. People will feel as if they are coming home again. Whether you are leaving the porch light on to welcome friends and family members, or setting a mood for romance, primitive lighting is an easy and unique way to achieve your goal.