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Primitive Lighting

Primitive Lighting

Posted by CLP on 11th Apr 2022

Primitive lighting takes the simplicity and rustic design, of lights that were crafted many years ago, and gives them our modern-day features. Lighting has come a long way since lighting a torch or a candle to brighten a room. Light fixtures along with the light source and energy supply have drastically changed throughout the years. However, that does not mean that we need to leave it all in the past. Taking a candle and redesigning it into an electric or battery light, that has a flickering bulb, can give the aesthetic of an old-fashioned candle burning in the night. Also, instead of having a gas fueled lantern hanging outside, you can have a primitive electric lantern to hang beside your door or line your sidewalk. These upgrades make lighting options safer and more user friendly, but they allow for the charm of the past to remain.

Tin is a common feature with primitive lighting. Some primitive light fixtures, such as lanterns, sconces, and some other accent lights, can be completely made of tin. On the other hand, some primitive lighting does not have any tin, while some fixtures, such as lamps, only use tin for the shade. When a light has tin, it is usually punched, giving it a unique design.

Primitive lighting is also commonly made of metal. This is to resemble when lights were made of wrought iron. Even primitive wooden chandeliers replicate this with metal arms.

When choosing primitive lighting the options and designs are endless, but regardless of what you choose, you will be bringing the past back with modern day elegance.