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Primitive Home Decor

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

Many homeowners have recently begun to explore primitive home decor as a means of regaining touch with their country roots. Modern styles suit some households, but these aesthetics often do not capture the feelings of authenticity and cultural identity that primitive home decor does. This is not to say that modern styles do not have a culture, but the cultural lifestyle evoked by modern decor is considerably younger and less developed than the roots that primitive decor draws from.

Primitive home decor was a style of decoration before it was ever recognized as one. Its origins in America date back to the early colonial days when decoration was not practical and your house’s only defining features were tools and other necessary household items. That is not what primitive home decor is today, but it is the cultural wellspring from which it developed and to which it hearkens back. If you were born in the country, or come from a family that can trace its American roots back several generations, there is a good chance that a primitive style will resonate with you, and bring back memories and feelings that you did not realize still existed within you.

Sense memories are powerful, and are largely responsible for making houses feel like homes. Sight can trigger long-lost memories, but smell is an even stronger memory trigger. Decorating a home in earth tones, wood materials, and the kind of items your grandfather would have used will provide your home with distinct visual aesthetic. Support this decor with candles in scents that remind you of your childhood, and you may soon find yourself reminiscing about happy memories locked in a part of your mind that has been closed off for years, and even fanaticizing about the lives of your ancestors. These are examples of the power of primitive styles to take people back to an earlier time.

However, it is quite possible that you are not looking to recover some distant memory with your primitive decorative choice. There is more to primitive decor than just memory, after all. Maybe your life is simply too complicated right now and you want to simplify things. If that is the case, primitive decor can be a useful tool in helping you feel more in touch with what really matters. In the end only you can alter the focus of your life, but it can be difficult making the changes you want to enjoy when your environment does not match your ideas. Primitive home decor is inherently simple, and allows those who employ it to escape from modern distractions, enabling the members of the household to relax, think, and dream.