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Primitive Crow Decor

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

Primitive crow decor is a common motif on antiques, both Americana, country, and primitive. Crow decor is found in all cultures worldwide and we have some fine representations of it at Country Living Primitives.

Crows In Mythology

Primitive crow decor has been found in many cultures and many ages. Crows are found in mythology as far back as roman times, and were often used for the purpose of divination. Sometimes seen as birds of death, they may also represent a message from the Divine. Often, two crows would be released together during a wedding celebration. If the two flew away together, the couple could look forward to a long life together. On the other hand in New England, however, to see two crows flying together from the left was bad luck. An Irish expression, 'You'll follow the Crows for it' meant that a person would miss something after it was gone. In parts of the Appalachians if the crows call in the morning before the other birds get a chance to sing, it’s going to rain. In Native American lore the crow was often a trickster. There are tales of its mischief and it is sometimes seen as a symbol of transformation, associated with everything from the creation of the world to the gift of sunlight to mankind. People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead.

Primitive Crow Decor In Americana

With so many beliefs and superstitions about them it is no wonder that crows often show up in American folk art. They are often depicted along with pictures of crops, scarecrows, and farm animals, probably because they were in the habit of hanging around hoping for a free meal. Country Living Primitives has many fine examples of primitive crow decor on box sets, plates, pillows, pictures, and needlework. In keeping with our goal of charm with economy, these items begin at less than six dollars and all are under thirty dollars.

Crows Are Smart

Crows have always been seen as intelligent and cunning an there are stories paying a tribute to this “winged wisdom” both in European and North American lore. One fable about the crow’s cunning Aesop’s “The Crow and the Pitcher” tells about a thirsty crow that came upon a pitcher but its beak was too short to reach the water in it. Rather than tip the pitcher over and spill the water. It threw pebbles in the pitcher until the water rose to the top.

Let Country Living Primitives make your home look as smart as the crows by letting you featuring primitive crow decor in your home for a very economical price.