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Primitive Country Home Decor

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

If you want your home to be welcoming and cozy primitive country home decor is what you are looking for, and Country living Primitives has everything you need at prices you can afford.

A great American Tradition

In all areas of the great United States we have a tradition of hospitality. Making your home welcoming and casual while also presenting a pleasant, finished appearance; and at Country Living Primitives we have just the touches you need to bring your home together and allow both old friends and new guests to feel welcomed and comfortable. We love what we sell and primitive country home decor is definitely a passion. It adds hominess and recalls the history of our country; it is unpretentious and possesses simple charm, warmth, and elegance that are often missing in modern home design.

Never cheap; always a bargain

Country Living Primitives, LLC has made a point of offering unique and charming items that harken back to our early American history. Primitive country home decor is easy to achieve by adding a few inexpensive items to your decor. A cedar chest, a rustic water jug, an old tea set; these delightful conversation pieces can be purchased for very reasonable prices. Country Living Primitives has items for less than ten dollars and many items for less than fifty dollars. Cast iron items, like animals, a pilgrim family, or antique irons that had to be heated on the stove top; these recall our rich American history. Braided rugs, wreaths, and stitcheries recall the days of doing everything by hand. Of course we also have more expensive items, but each one is still a good value. An antique blanket chest, a hutch or chimney safe; any of these items will add so much charm and beauty to a room while also providing space for storage and display. Primitive country home decor is such a wonderful combination of beauty and practicality; it is no wonder so many folks love it!

A place for your own family heirlooms

You can also mix Americana, country, antique and primitive styles and your family heirlooms can be highlighted, and will look right at home; whether it is great-grandpa’s bible, granny’s rocking chair, or the last surviving pieces of Aunt Sally’s hand painted china. Primitive country home decor works with and compliments so many styles, Folksy or elegantly simple; spare and utilitarian, or classic or cozy; Country Living Primitives, LLC has what you need to transform your house into a cozy home our extensive collection of primitive country home decor.