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Primitive Candles

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

The most enjoyable aspects of fine design are the finishing touches like our range of primitive candles. There is always a time when modern lighting is not appropriate for the mood of the given moment. That is why we have chosen to create an fantastic and appealing line of primitive candles that will make those moments that much more memorable. There is nothing like a candlelit dinner to increase the romantic tone of an evening creating an intimate space in which to share with a loved one or other guests. It has been our pleasure here at Country Living Primitives to provide many different sizes, styles and scents of primitive candles that will give your home the finishing touches you need to create that pleasing environment all of us desire. These candles matched with our vast range of lighting options are sure to satisfy the most discerning of customers making sure that you have the lighting you need to complete the decoration theme you are looking for.

For those circumstances where having a naked flame is not appropriate or to stretch the budget a little bit further we also have a line of battery operated primitive candles that have the look of real candles without the open flames. These candles are beautiful and easy to operate. You don't have to remember to blow them out and they will last a great deal of time providing a similar effect to that of regular candles. There are some incredibly simple and elegant LED primitive candle options that have wax candle sleeves, providing the pillar candle look without the melted wax. For those who want something very unique we have included several electric candle options with hearth size wax sleeves that smell divine and are extremely durable.

Primitive candles in jars are reminiscent of a different time when mason jars were more commonly seen in the home.

Country style decor is not complete without some sort of decoration in jars to add to the rustic feeling of the home. That is why we have created a wide range of candles in glass jars. Pickling jars are making a huge comeback in the home environment as they remind us of the way things have always been when the harvest was completed and the excess of fruits and vegetables was pickled in these jars. They look great and are available in many styles.

Our primitive candles are a must have in the home. We have also made sure to include classic taper candles in was and LED versions to make sure you have every option you need when filling in the lighting details that add so much to the environment.