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Outdoor Lighthouses

Outdoor Lighthouses

28th Mar 2022

An outdoor lighthouse is a great accent piece for your landscape or yard. They are customizable to fit your needs and wants. Outdoor lighthouses come in a variety of sizes, from 2 foot through 8 foot, or there are even 17, 20, or 30 foot models. These larger models have an access door that allows you to use it for more than just looks.

Outdoor lighthouses can be made from wood or poly materials. The wooden lighthouses are made from an exterior grade signboard. These wooden lighthouses are designed and constructed to keep out moisture. The poly crafted lighthouses are made from a poly resin board. These lighthouses are the best for enduring the test of the elements. Poly material does not crack or decay and is also UV resistant, helping your paint to last.

As far as choosing paint options on your outdoor lighthouse, you have many choices to pick from. There are also many designs as well. Many of the lighthouse designs are replicas of actual lighthouses that still exist today. Therefore, you may be able to choose the design of the lighthouse that matches your favorite beach location getaway. Then you can go with its actual color or if you want to go with the design and choose your own color, you have that option as well.

An outdoor lighthouse comes with several lighting options. Some of these lighting options include standard electric with a light bulb, standard electric with a dusk to dawn sensor, electric revolving light, or solar lighting.

So, no matter what your desires are in an outdoor lighthouse, with the many different options, you certainly, will be able to customize your own perfect lighthouse.