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Irvin's Tinware

Irvin's Tinware

3rd Feb 2022

Irvin’s Tinware has taken rustic lighting and created many masterpieces since 1960. Irvin Hoover at a young age went from being a birdhouse maker to transitioning into crafting lights. He created his very first tin light from an old stove pipe. That was the starting point, and now things have grown into making many different types of lighting, from little night lights to multi-tier chandeliers, and everything in between.

Irvin’s Tinware has lighting options for every room in the house. You can choose from metal, wood, or even rustic chic chandeliers to hang throughout your house. If you are looking to add lighting for your bedroom, they have ceiling options, or if you want to add a lamp beside the bed, they have many different styles of wooden lamps, which come with a tin punched shade.

There is lighting for bathrooms too. Irvin’s Tinware has a variety of different sconces to hang on the wall, or they also have vanity lights. If you are looking to bring more lighting into your kitchen, there are many pendant lights to pick from, which will enhance your kitchen lighting. Many of these pendant lights also have tin punched shades, which come in multiple designs, or they have other rustic options as well.

There are smaller accent lighting options as well. These options include: small lanterns, candlestick lamps, tin milk can or cheese grater light, electric taper lights, and window lights. The lighting options are not exclusively for just inside your home, but there also are lights for outside your house as well. Different styles of outdoor lanterns are available to hang on the side of your house in either copper, brass, or weathered brass finishes.

Irvin’s Tinware has many options to help bring the rustic country charm, that you are looking for, into your house.