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Garden Lighthouse

Garden Lighthouse

2nd Mar 2022

Did you ever consider sprucing up your yard with a garden lighthouse? If you are one that loves the ocean and nautical scenes, then adding a lighthouse to your landscape is just the thing. Having a lighthouse right outside your window, year-round, can help you reminisce of days, of smelling the salt air at the beach, fishing by a seaside town, or being with family at the harbor on a summer vacation.

Depending on how much space you have, you could create a wonderful scene with a garden lighthouse. You could set the lighthouse on landscape rocks and surround it with a fishpond. Another idea would be to create a waterfall near the lighthouse and have nautical decor such as anchors, seashells, sand, and various other things near the area. You could also keep it simple and just set the garden lighthouse in a flower bed along with some flowers, or you could even just place it in the middle of your yard.

There are countless ways to customize an area to your liking and so that it reflects your interests. There also are countless ways to customize your garden lighthouse. There are different size options to pick from, but that is only the beginning. You can choose from many different colors and styles, and along with that you can select add on features. One of these features would be to add lighting to your lighthouse and even customize it so that, it is solar powered.

So, whether you live on an ocean front property or a hundred miles away from the sea, by getting a garden lighthouse, you can bring a taste of it to your landscape.