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Farmhouse Decor: 3 Styles of Country Lighting You'll Love

Farmhouse Decor: 3 Styles of Country Lighting You'll Love

27th Sep 2018

You've seen it all over Pinterest, in your local Target, and on shows like Property Brothers. Farmhouse decor is IN.

This charming home and design style is especially easy to identify in lighting fixtures.

Not familiar with farmhouse styles of lighting? We've got your breakdown of 3 popular, bright and airy country fixtures to get you started.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are the farmhouse style bread and butter.

Pendant lighting can be a perfect addition to an already rustic room, or it can work to introduce some great texture to a more contemporary space.

This fun lighting trend is on the ups right now and luckily there is so much potential for variety in this style of lighting, that the odds of your interior looking cookie-cutter, are next to nothing.

1. Weathered Pendant Lights

A weathered pendant light fixture adds perfectly to the farmhouse or country style ambiance, with everything from rusted fixtures, industrial style, or distressed paint.

These fixtures are usually wooden or some kind of galvanized metal. Weathered pendant lighting offers a cozy lived-in feel to a room and makes the country design seem more genuine.

2. Cage, or Open Frame Pendants

If you're not into the distressed or weathered look, the open frame is also a very popular trend to consider. This type of pendant lighting is identified by it's simple, clean lines.

These lights usually have a gold, or black iron finish, though you can find others like brass that give a more simple tone to a room. Going for a metallic gold finish can add a nice statement piece to any kitchen or living room.

Open frame pendants are also known as cage, lantern, or carriage lights.

Often, you can find open frame pendants in geometric shaped "cages" hung in clusters. These lights are sometimes seen in more modern cafes or coffee shops and might seem slightly reminiscent of chicken wire.

3. Mixed Material Pendants

Remember when it was an interior design faux pas to mix black and brown, gold and silver, bronze and wood? Those days are over.

The mixed material pendants give interest to your style of lighting by combining things like beautiful metallic gold chains with wooden frames.

Mixing materials such as these in your lighting fixture gives a more customized look to your room. You can get crazy and choose something with a blown glass shade and a sleek metal cage.

By combining industrial materials with things like opaque glass or crystal, or any other polished and matte materials, you create a rustic country room with an air of elegance.

Other Country Styles of Lighting

While the various types of pendant lights are very in right now, you don't have to feel limited to these to create a farmhouse feel in your interior.

Some styles of lighting are simply timeless and always "in" no matter what trends come and go.

Other farmhouse styles of lighting include anything from candle chandeliers, lanterns, or table lamps.

Check out these beautiful mason jar wall sconces, or any number of our other delightful country farmhouse style lighting fixtures, and enjoy!