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DIY Primitive Decorating

DIY Primitive Decorating

Posted by Primitive Decorator on 15th Feb 2019

Everyone enjoys bringing life to their home, and there are many different ways and styles to do it. One of these styles is primitive decorating. This style of decorating brings back items from the past, or gives the items a handmade, rough, or simple look. Primitive pieces will not have flashy, bright colors, instead the colors will be more pale, dull, and not so vibrant. Let’s take a brief look at some specific items in primitive decorating.

When some people think of primitive, there mind goes to an old fabric doll. These dolls are very basic dolls wearing simple and plain clothes. Sometimes they are seen holding a simply constructed animal, such as a dog or cat. This is truly the primitive style bringing back how dolls use to look like many years ago (plain and simple).

Maybe another common thought of item would be a stitchery. Just like the dolls, stitcheries are bringing back from days gone by. These stitcheries have a nice little saying or songs stitched on them and are often accompanied by stitched flowers, hearts, stars, and even simple houses. In most cases the stitching is done on a light brown or tan cloth and framed.

Illuminating Primitive Decor

Primitive lighting is another area in which you can show off your primitive taste. There is primitive style lighting in any type of lighting you are looking for, whether it is in wood or metal chandeliers, vanity lights, lamps, ceiling lights, pendant lights, lanterns, or even outdoor lighting. The way light fixtures are turned into a primitive look is by the metal punched tin used on the shades, the wood used to mount the sconces, the candle stick appearance, the colors and materials used to make them.

Primitive decorating can even be more than just decorating, but a way of life by incorporating it into your lighting as we looked at before, or even in your bedding. We offer a vast collection of primitive products and lots of ways to incorporate primitive decorating throughout your home.Explore our site to see how primitive decorating can bring life & warmth to your home.