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Country Primitives

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

Country primitives are beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories used to create a country decor look in your home. You can find whatever you need at Country Living Primitives, whether you are simply adding a braided rug to your kitchen or decorating every room in your home.

There are different types of country decor you can create. There is a country Amish style that is a very simplistic, handcrafted look. This style is created using furniture and accessories that bring to mind another time, when life was not so rushed or stressful.

You can also do a more colonial country look in your home. This country style has a bit more sophistication to it. Country Living Primitives houses every type of country primitive you need to accomplish any variation on the country decor theme.

Finding the Right Country Primitives

Sometimes it seems as if you can purchase country primitive decor items just about anywhere on the internet. There are certain things that set us apart from the other companies, however. The woods, paint and fabrics we use for these items are only the highest quality available.

This company was founded by Jan Martin, and her love of this type of decorating comes through in each and every country primitive we offer. These products stand out against others that are mass produced to make the most profit. She understands that to truly obtain this decorating motif, there needs to be something special about each item sold. These are original pieces, created by hand craftsman who are using this as an art form.

Country Living Primitives was started from the love of country decorating by one woman. She has managed to turn a hobby that she loves into a business that she loves and can be proud of. This is the same love and feeling of pride you can achieve in your own home. There is a feeling of contentment that you will experience when your home is finally finished with that warm and relaxing atmosphere. Your friends and family will feel warmth and want some of that feeling in their home.

We can make turning your house into a home an easy task with our selection of beautiful, fine quality pieces of furniture and unique accessories. You will want to share the knowledge you acquire from us with everyone. Here on our website, you can simply make your order and everything is sent directly to your home. Any worries you may have had about decorating your home well will be a thing of the past, and you will be left with excitement over your many options available. Come to us when you want to add the warmth of country primitives to your living space.