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Country Living

Country Living

12th Feb 2022

When you hear the words, country living, what do you think about? To some, they may think of living somewhere in the wide-open mid-west. Maybe on the prairie with the wheat blowing in the wind, and cattle grazing on the tall grass nearby. To others it may be owning a small farmette. Having a homemade chicken coup full of chickens, a small pony or horse, goats, or maybe even a cow. While to others they may not live in the western states or even mid-west, and they may not even live on a farm with any animals, but to them, country living is just living more simply. They try to live more down to earth, and they don’t try to busy themselves with all the modern-day gadgets. 

Country Living Lots of people enjoy the thought of country living because it brings back memories of their childhood, and of days gone by, or just because it is something that fascinates them. Many choose to decorate their homes with country style decor to express their love for the country. While others choose decorating with this style because they enjoy more of the rustic or primitive look. They like the causal appearance it brings to their home. It helps create a more welcoming, down to earth, friendly vibe rather than a bold, sophisticated type of feel. 

So, whether you think of country living as stepping back in time and living in a small, quiet country town, or you think of it as being a farmer, or whatever, you can bring the charm of country living right into your house by using the warm and welcoming dec