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Country Home Decor

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

Why might someone make the decision to invest in country home decor? Homeowners have different reasons for evoking this style, and one factor that makes it so popular is that many people find it comforting to be in an environment that’s reminiscent of earlier, simpler times. This decorative style is thought to date back to the sixteenth century, and had become popular in American and European houses by the nineteenth century. It enjoyed a massive renaissance as a design motif for many houses during and after the 1990s.

A complete country home decor redesign has the potential to be a very costly endeavor. The style is meant to walk a line in between rustic and elegant. It is in essence a primitive style that has been gentrified. The focus of many houses decorated in this style is comfort, practicality, and simplicity. It’s typical found that antique decorations, or those with an old-fashioned touch, fit in well with country home design schemes. Homespun objects are usually the primary source of decoration, and should be chosen with the purpose of being charming but not “cutesy.” This can be a fine line to walk, which is why country home decor can be challenging to implement without seeming kitschy or artificial.

Rustic, country-style decor is often not actually meant to reflect rural or agricultural motifs. Instead, it is intended to evoke the mood of a comfortable home in an earlier era. French Colonial, American Colonial, and American Frontier are examples of possible time periods which the country home decor style can look back to for inspiration. The very simple design aesthetic that evolved in the Shaker community in the early 19th century is another style touchstone for some country homes. Shaker villages remained a popular tourist attraction throughout the 19th century, and Shaker folk art was a popular souvenir, along with innovative Shaker designs like the clothespin and the flat broom. American decorators continue to be drawn to the practical and starkly beautiful Shaker aesthetic.

The crux of the country decor style is to create an atmosphere for the home that is comforting, inviting, friendly, and unpretentious. Rustic and handcrafted elements often play a part in country decoration, but by themselves, they are not necessarily what defines this style. Country style suggests a casual atmosphere where anybody would feel welcome, along with a hint of nostalgia where the perceived elegance of the gentry can be shown in which how everyone just treated each other just a little bit better. In the end, the most essential component of successful country home decor is that it is inviting.