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Country Farmhouse Decor

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

Country farmhouse decor used to mean a kitchen with cows and chickens roaming the walls. You could also add pigs if you were feeling particularly inspired. There is nothing wrong with this style of decorating. However, some of us prefer to take a much more subtle route.

Today, this style of decorating is more of a feeling and not a literal translation. You can obtain the look in part by using mostly rustic materials. Country Living Primitives specializes in this style. Our version of a country farmhouse look creates a gentle feeling of living in the past. We mix and match many different materials, such as wood and tin, to bring this concept to life. Think of this vision as a sophisticated farmhouse style.

Gradually Introducing Country Farmhouse Decor into Your Home

You might choose a sign with a special message to start your decorating adventure. Once you have chosen your sign, you can move on to lighting, and then maybe furniture or rugs. Country Living Primitives has created a user-friendly website to help you navigate your way through a new decorating scheme.

You may already have this style in your home and be looking to add items to enhance the look. This is when you want to shop for items that cannot be found just anywhere. When guests come to your house, they should feel like they are stepping into a rustic farmhouse, not a showroom. Country Living Primitives offers unique pieces to take your home to the next level.

You might not want your entire home to look like a country farmhouse. Maybe your house is done with a modern feel. You might choose to do just your kitchen or guest bath in a rustic look.

Country Living Primitives specializes in items that can be used in an individual room and still remain harmonious with the rest of the home. You may choose to add touches of this style, or let it inspire you to completely remodel your home.

Many designers are choosing to embrace this style for their clients. They understand that decorating a home is about creating a place where everyone feels they are welcome and comfortable. We have some lovely decorator pieces for you, whether you are an interior designer or an individual looking for a change in your home.

So browse our website to get a feeling for what you'd love to live with, and find some beautiful items to add that country look to your home. You might find that the subtly rustic warmth of country farmhouse decor grows on you, as welcoming as an old friend.