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Country Decor

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

So you‘ve decided to redecorate your home with country decor? You’re in luck: there is a wide variety of options available in order to give your home the desired ambiance. As you begin thinking to plan out what your finished design will look like, keep in mind that “country” is in fact a very vague term when it comes to defining a type of decor. By “country” do you mean a specific era, such as French Colonial, American Revolution, or Victorian farm? Or do you just want a rustic, elegant style without invoking any specific time period with your decor? Alternately, are you thinking more along the lines of a decorative theme rather than an era, such as Mediterranean or Frontier? 

Country decor can be more about comfort and simplicity than it is about style. A slightly rustic but elegant look is nice, but for many DIY decorators, it’s much more important that the finished results capture a feeling of “hominess,” in the sense that the space feels like a cozy and welcoming place to live. Furniture and decoration doesn’t need to be perfect or pristine when the desired end result is a sense of lived-in comfort. Wood and metal are ideal materials for country style furniture, and many upholstered items would also fit in well. If you make the atmosphere of the house as inviting as possible, you will have nailed the country style.

Despite this, there are certainly certain design aspects that are commonly associated with country decor. Distressed hardwood floors are a highly desirable choice, but a checkerboard linoleum floor is also fine for some areas of the house. Walls are typically painted in neutral colors such as beige. This is a reflection of the fact that decorative accessories take center stage in this style of decor. To this end, walls are sometimes fitted with metal bars of various sizes on which folk art or other art pieces evoking a primitive style can be hung. Decorations in country decor often have a homespun flavor, and should be placed in a way that does not cause clutter.

Atmosphere is paramount with this style of decor. The home should feel welcoming. It should be clear from the moment the threshold is crossed that it’s a place where someone actually lives, not an ostentatious space arranged only for show. Comfortable and inviting are the key words in defining the country decor style, and if these ideas are not reflected in the way the home feels, something has gone wrong with the interior design or its implementation.