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Country and Primitive Decor

Posted by Primitive Country on 18th Oct 2017

Country and primitive decor are both great American traditions and Country Living Primitives offers an ample selection of both plus another tradition: reasonable prices! Whether you are looking for a few inexpensive show pieces, or lights that set the mood, or one big piece to use as the center of your theme, you will find them here.

Home decor need not be expensive

This great country of ours was built on farming and a pioneering spirit by folks who took what they had and made it function for what they needed. Even the most functional item can be beautiful, and even the poorest house can have some decorations formed from natural raw materials found everywhere. Country and primitive decor are the expression of functional beauty from available sources. Every kitchen has always needed spoons, ladles, trays, cups and bowls; and even after these items are no longer functional, many of them are still beautiful. These are the kinds of country and primitive decor that we offer at Country Living Primitives.

Country and primitive decor is all about the materials

Wood, tin, burlap; all these materials we easily and cheaply available in our great country’s rural past. Back then nothing went to waste. Wooden spoons and ladles could be carved in an evening, keeping hands occupied that might otherwise find trouble. The term “spooning” comes from the tradition of a girl’s father giving the young man courting her a piece of wood and telling him he could visit with his daughter as long as he was carving; spoons were the quickest and easiest thing to carve. Burlap bags were used to store grain in for transport, and once the grain was used, why waste the material. Burlap was used to make dolls, pillows, and aprons; it is a wonderful texture and Country Living Primitives has table runners and burlap roses which make excellent accents for country and primitive decor. We also have a variety of tin stars to add a bit of sparkle to any room.

So forget the chrome, steel, and glossy white technology that today’s fast paced life is so full of; forget the stress and deadlines. When you come home you can enter a world of peace, and family and old time values. Make your home just this welcoming and cozy with wonderful antiques, replicas, lighting, and art work. You can buy all these homey touches from Country Living Primitives your best source for all the country and primitive decor your home will ever need to be warm and welcoming.