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Colonial Home Makeovers

Colonial Home Makeovers

Posted by Primitive Country on 12th Oct 2017

Colonial Home Makeover Chandeliers

Hands down, the simplest and most effective Colonial home makeover is to replace old light fixtures with high quality colonial style reproduction lighting that has been made in the USA. Choosing fixtures from one of America’s skilled handcrafters will allow you to retain the period feel of your Colonial home while adding aesthetic appeal.

Lighting has always been one of the essential components of home design. It fulfills a number of different roles including, safety, assisting in household tasks, creating atmosphere, and expressing character in design. Keep all of these in mind as you consider replacing older light fixtures. Colonial lighting can be a beautiful focal point that brightens mood as well as ambient light.

In today’s hand crafted lighting marketplace there are a number of options available to consumers, however not all self-proclaimed handcrafters are equal. Some colonial handcrafters produce historically accurate fixtures in their shops using methods that have been proven for through the process of time. Others use imported components that are only assembled in the USA, thereby often offering the consumer a cheaper but inferior product.

Authentic Colonial Lighting Guide

What are the manufacturer or handcrafters credentials? How long have they been in business? How is their lighting produced? Do they have machines that mass produce the lighting or are you getting a product that has been hand made from a craftsman that knows and understands the methods and traditions of the past. The best Colonial lighting is still being made in the same tradition as their 18th Century counterparts.

Are the lighting components made in the USA or are they mass produced overseas and then shipped here for assembly? Are the designs historically accurate, Colonial reproduction lighting should mirror designs from the Early American or Colonial era.

In your quest for a high quality reproduction, do not let safety out of the equation. Does the handcrafter offer UL listed or use UL listed parts when building their fixtures? What kind of a warranty does the manufacturer offer?

Here at Country Living Primitives we are proud to represent some of America’s finest Colonial Lighting Handcrafters. We invite you and your family to enjoy the elegance and simplicity of a Colonial Williamsburg style chandelier or home décor item.