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Bring Autumn Inside With These Cozy Fall Decor Ideas

Bring Autumn Inside With These Cozy Fall Decor Ideas

Posted by Primitive Touch Decor on 6th Oct 2020

Autumn is no doubt the coziest season, so it's no wonder many want to bring that feeling into their homes. With crisp fall air, warm sweaters, and lots of fun decor, decorating for autumn can make your home a picture-perfect comfy oasis.

Fall is all enjoying the harvest. Incorporate that with fun fall activities and pretty fall decor ideas. Dress up the whole house as your own personal harvest festival.

Living Room Fall Decor Ideas

A living room in the Fall should be cozy. It's the perfect place the cuddle up on a chilly weekend or an evening home after a day out doing fall activities. Add some blankets and pillows in warm colors and fun prints for some Fall cozies.

Orange, yellow, red, and brown are the classic Fall color scheme. These vibrant hues look great paired with muted blues and greens and whites. Pillows and throw blankets in these colors will instantly transform your space.

Bring in the beauty of nature with pumpkins, guards, and leaves, quintessential Autumn elements. Decorative pumpkins in warm hues are great accents to your home decor. Faux leaves and branches in tinted glass bottles bring nature inside.

For mood lighting, add candles in seasonal scents like cinnamon, pumpkin, bonfire, and apple. Not only will your home look great, but it'll also smell like Fall too.

Dining Room Decor

You don't have to host big parties for your dining room to get some love. Fall table decor is just another way to bring the season into your home. For your dining room table, a centerpiece is a must.

Start with the base of a table runner in a neutral shade of white, grey, or black and build out from there. Mini pumpkins make great options for centerpiece decor. You can keep them natural or try an ombre color scheme.

Create a garland of leaves. Colorful Fall tones are bold in a neutral room, while shades of green can break up some of those strong Fall colors. Try fresh Autumn flowers like marigolds, violas, chrysanthemums, and Russian sage in a copper milk vase.

Don't neglect dinnerware in your tablescape. Trade-in stark white plates for beiges and off-whites for a warm neutral option. Gold flatware and patterned napkins add some interest and texture to your table.

Porch Fall Decor

Decorating your porch can set the mood for your home. Welcome guests to a cozy setting with a porch seating area. Adding a bench with some comfy blankets and outdoor pillows will have guests wanting to stay awhile.

Don't forget a doormat to wipe their boots. You can't go wrong with an image of leaves or pumpkins. Doormats with cute Fall sayings can show some personality right from the start.

You can go wrong with classic decorations like wreaths, pumpkins, and lanterns. A pretty fall wreath and pumpkins can add pops of color. Lanterns with electric candles can set the mood with ambient lighting.

Once you have the basics, you can go all out with extras. Frame your door with garland or dried corn stocks. Use rustic barrels and overflow them with flowers and pampas grass.

You don't have to stay only on the porch. Let your decor seep down the stairs and the walkway to welcome your guests all the way to the house. Be sure to balance bold colors with warm neutrals.

Kitchen Fall Decor Ideas

The kitchen is a great place to try all those new Fall recipes you've been saving. First, you should get in the Fall spirit for baking inspiration. In the kitchen, you can utilize both bought decor and cooking necessities to create an inviting space.

Bring in Fall colors through your glassware. Yellow, orange, and red-tinted glass for vases and drinking will instantly make your kitchen feel warm, cozy, and ready for delicious Autumn treats.

Fresh flowers on your counter can bring in lots of colors, especially with a mostly neutral kitchen. Use a wooden serving tray to display Fall linens, serving plates, and all the delicious baked goods you'll be making.

Make your cooking materials the forefront of your decor. Transfer your spices and baking ingredients to clear glass canisters to show them off and make baking easier. Display Fall-themed pie tins and the desserts you make for a delicious decor element.

With the weather getting colder, you can also create an area for hot chocolate, coffee, or hot apple cider. Create easy access to Fall favorites.

Bedroom Decor for Fall

What's better than climbing into bed after a day filled with Fall fun? Wrap yourself in a cozy cocoon and wake up ready to do it all over again. Start by setting the mood with string lights to add a warm glow that's perfect to Fall asleep to.

A large, chunky knit blanket and velvet pillows will add the cozy texture to your bed. A knit blanket in a neutral color can fit in every bedroom decor. And pillows in oranges and yellows will bring the color of the Fall leaves inside.

Don't forget a cozy rug beside your bed, so your feet don't touch the cold floor. Of course, pumpkins bring an instant Fall feeling. Decorative pumpkins in shades other than orange can create a fun accent to a cozy space.

Add a bed tray with folding legs for days you feel like having breakfast in bed. Natural wood tones complement traditional Fall colors. The finishing touches are your favorite book and some Fall-scented candles will make you want to stay in bed all day.

In-Home Fall Festival

Fall festivals are a favorite activity when the weather gets cooler. You don't have to leave that feeling behind. Bring that quaint and warm feeling of the harvest into your home.

Decorating for Fall is fun. These Fall decor ideas will get you ready to cuddle up in your favorite blanket with a yummy snack and your favorite Halloween movie; it sounds like the perfect day. Enhance your home with these Fall decor essentials.