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6 Primitive Lighting Ideas to Bring Warmth Into Your Home

6 Primitive Lighting Ideas to Bring Warmth Into Your Home

Posted by Primitive Touch Decor on 12th Nov 2020

Are you looking for ways to return to the old days with your home decor? Do you want some timeless pieces to add to the authenticity of your home? If so, then you should consider adding more primitive lighting pieces to your home's aesthetic.

Doing so can give your house a one-of-a-kind feel. You'll look forward to the point in your day where you can turn on an Americana lamp or an old-fashioned pendant light. It makes your home more comfy and well-defined.

See below for several primitive lighting ideas that can bring country lighting to your home, wherever that might be.

1. Farmers Lamp

In order to capture the essence of country living and get back to your roots, you should consider adding period lighting fixtures with the iconic tin aesthetic.

This Farmer's Lamp encapsulates everything that we love and miss about the colonial times. It features a beautiful antique tin finish and comes with a shade for you to enjoy the lighting in variation.

At only 23-inches high and 15-inches in diameter, you can set this lighting fixture virtually anywhere in your home. Set it on a nightstand to read a good book before you go to sleep. Place it in your home office to channel you're inner Thomas Edison.

2. Floor Lamp

Perhaps you're looking for a centerpiece to tie the whole room together whenever it gets dark outside with your next lighting fixture. If so, you'll need one capable of lighting up the entire room in a comfortable and cozy way.

Consider this Brinton House Floor Lamp for your decor. It offers you three different colorways and fits perfectly with either an Irvin's Drum Shade, Textured Black Shade, or Linen Shade.

No matter which avenue you take, you'll enjoy the quaint lighting that it fills your room with. Rather than surrounding yourself with blinding white lights, this floor lamp will give you a visual that makes everyone feel right at home.

3. Wood Chandelier

Some of you out there might be looking for primitive lighting in your kitchen or dining room area. Imagine having your entire room filled with the glorious light from a wood chandelier. It doesn't get more majestic or timeless than that!

This Bed & Breakfast Wood Chandelier goes perfectly with any farmhouse dining room table. Its lighting will show off the texture of your wooden table and make your dishes shine like diamonds whenever the table is set for dinner.

The chandelier comes in many different colors, so you're sure to find one that blends perfectly with your set up. It comes with up to 3 feet of chain, 7 feet of wire, and a ceiling plate all included.

You'll enjoy the timeless appearance of your kitchen area for a long time to come. You need only install the chandelier once to enjoy its beauty. The bulbs are sold separately, so you can choose the perfect ones for your desired luminescence.

4. Mason Jar Pendant Lamp

Pendant lights are a fantastic piece because they can be implemented almost anywhere in your home. You can install them in your bathroom, over the kitchen counter, in your reading corner, above the desk in your office, and so on.

The best part? You can install the same pendant lamps (or ones that closely resemble each other) to achieve a uniform design throughout your entire house!

We highly recommend this fan-favorite Half Gallon Caged Mason Jar Pendant Lamp for your home.

Not only does it capture the essence of primitive lighting, but it displays the bulb beautifully inside a glass mason jar casing. It holds a 40-watt vintage bulb to achieve the perfect amount of lighting that closely resembles that of a candlelight.

This pendant lamp requires no extra wiring, as they plug into a wall outlet. No excruciating installation is necessary!

5. Vanity Light

Close your eyes and envision walking in a farm home during colonial times. Whenever you needed to walk from room to room, you'd grab your candlelight and walk down the corridor filled with candles on either side of the wall to guide you.

You can go back in time and achieve that same walkway lighting for your home with this 3-arm vanity lighting fixture. It has 3 separate colors for you to choose from and holds a max of 60-watts per arm. A nice bonus: it comes with a 5-year guarantee.

By setting up a few of these along the wall of your hallways or guest rooms, you'll give a jaw-dropping appearance to your home when the sun goes down.

6. Wall Sconce

Last, but certainly not least, you need wall lighting. Something that gives the borders of your home brightness to show off its various pictures and paintings you have hanging on them.

Be sure to invest in a few of these Irvin's Apothecary Wall Sconce for your home. They have an attractive black kettle finish that will remind you of simpler times. You can either pair it together with other lighting fixtures or by itself for dimmer lighting.

Think of all the places you could put these in your home. They'd look great in your living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, as well as on the walls surrounding your dining room table.

Invest in Primitive Lighting for Your Home's Decor

Now that you have seen several different primitive lighting ideas and fixtures to invest in for your home, be sure to add them to your home.

Are you looking for outdoor lighting fixtures as well? If so, be sure to read this article about the 7 factors to consider when choosing outdoor lighting.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.