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5 Beautiful Uses for Amish Lighthouses

5 Beautiful Uses for Amish Lighthouses

Posted by CLP on 12th May 2021

Lighthouses aren't just used to light up the night and guide boats home from sea. In fact, sometimes they're used to liven up a garden or outdoor area.

Amish lighthouses are gorgeous, hand-crafted decorations that can tastefully brighten up any outdoor area. They're a great way of styling your home or business's yard and creating a charming atmosphere.

If you've got a decorative lighthouse or two that you'd like to place in your yard, we've got you covered. Here are 5 beautiful uses for an Amish garden lighthouse.

1. To Cover Up Unsightly Home and Lawn Extrusions

One great feature of Amish lawn lighthouses is that they're typically hollow on the inside. That makes them perfect for placing over the top of unsightly lawn and building features!

They can be placed over the top of awkward architectural features of homes and buildings. That way, you can conceal any part of the building that is less than attractive.

Amish lighthouses can also be fixed to the roofs of buildings. That makes them great for use in concealing awkward unused chimneys or other architectural features on the home that you don't want to show off.

Additionally, these work perfectly as garden decorations for covering up stumps or large rocks. They can easily be placed on top of a natural piece of landscaping that's too difficult to move. That way, you replace an ugly lawn feature with a beautiful piece of garden décor.

2. As a Lighthouse on Waterfront Properties

While small, Amish lighthouses are typically used as simple decorations, they can also be used as a light. That's because, well, they're lighthouses!

Amish lighthouses are a great way to illuminate a yard or even a waterfront property. While these aren't necessarily official lighthouses, they can still be a fun way to light up your property in the dark.

Because Amish lighthouses are hollow, you can actually install lights inside of them. They can be used to illuminate your property or even to sit atop a boathouse as a fun ocean-side decoration.

On top of that, because of the fun nautical theme that Amish lighthouses offer, they're a fun addition to any waterfront property. Give your waterfront home some personality with a fun Amish lighthouse to brighten the path to your home, dock, or boathouse!

3. To Add Country Style Accents

Another fun way of making use of an Amish lighthouse is as a country accent. Amish lighthouses add a delightful, rustic-chic look that can liven up either your garden, yard, or even living room.

Amish lighthouses come in all shapes and sizes which makes them a great addition to any home or yard. You can put them in cute corners or tuck them away next to your favorite flowers. Or, opt for a larger lighthouse to use as a focal point in your yard!

Because Amish lighthouses can be styled in many different ways, you can use materials and colors that blend well with your home or garden. This lets you create an aesthetic that brings your outdoor spaces to life.

However you're looking to decorate, an Amish lighthouse is a way of adding style and fun to your yard. Get creative with your Amish lighthouse and use it as a quaint garden accent.

4. For Getting Customers Excited About Your Business

We've all seen businesses with signs outside of them, but what about a business with a fun architectural feature? One great way of getting your customers excited about your company is by decorating your property with unique accents.

Amish lighthouses are a great accent to use in decorating your space. They can draw customers' eyes to your building and show off your property with a fun, bright, and stylish outdoor decoration.

Another fun feature of an Amish lighthouse in a business is that you can modify these to make them more eye-catching to your customers. Modifications can help you get the attention of passerby and entice them into your business.

Try decorating your Amish lighthouse using string lights to illuminate your property at night. Or, look into options for setting up a rotating lighthouse that can add movement and life to your property. Whatever you decide, there are plenty of ways to customize this adorable accent.

5. To Spread Positivity

One fun fact about lighthouses that not many people know is that they actually have a lot of symbolism. Lighthouses stand for security, hope, promise, and confidence.

Because of that, they're a perfect addition to churches, universities, and even medical centers. Their special meaning can help strengthen the mission and message of various businesses, making them a beautiful way of representing what your business stands for.

In addition, Amish lighthouses are extremely customizable. You can paint them with your business's colors or you can choose to use colors that also hold symbolism.

Either way, Amish lighthouses are a great way of spreading hope and positivity. They're a great way of brightening up your property and spreading inspiration about what your company is doing.

Closing Thoughts on Amish Lighthouses

Amish lighthouses can be used as beautiful, inspiring decorations on a number of different properties. They're a great way to illuminate your spaces or to add rustic, countryside style to any outdoor area.

If you're looking to install an Amish lighthouse on your property, you're in the right place. The team at Country Living Primitives creates beautiful Amish lighthouses and more primitive décor that can bring your property to life.

It's time to make your home or business stand out. Get in touch with us via phone or email and place an order for your Amish lighthouse!