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15 Farmhouse Design Ideas That You'll Absolutely Love

15 Farmhouse Design Ideas That You'll Absolutely Love

Posted by Farmhouse Decor Addict on 17th Jun 2021

It's exciting to find a style you love and then incorporate that style into your home. All across the US, people are using the modern farmhouse design ideas in their homes.

The farmhouse design style incorporates both function and style with warm and inviting pieces. Design shows and design celebrities have made modern farmhouse design a rage across the country.

Do you love the style? Are you wondering how to incorporate some of the style into your own home? Read on for 15 inspiring farmhouse design ideas you can bring to life in your own home.

1. Open Shelving

Do you want to create a little farmhouse style in your kitchen? One of the hallmarks of the farmhouse style is that it's open and inviting.

Consider adding some open shelving to your kitchen. This allows you to style with your dishes and natural colored and white items to make the look cohesive. Shelves are often also made of natural woods to add to the modern farmhouse vibe.

2. Farmhouse Style Lighting

Whenever you're working on a design plan, you also want to remember to look up. How does your lighting add to the aesthetic you want to create?

Farmhouse lighting features pendants and chandeliers with open glass, metal and wood to bring the style to life.

3. Exposed Beams

There's something about a natural wood exposed beam that says farmhouse style. Don't have exposed beams in your home?

You can create your own faux exposed beams to give the look without having to buy a home where they already exist. You can even use reclaimed wood to add to the old, yet polished, look of the beam.

4. Shiplap It

Shiplap is another cornerstone to the modern farmhouse style. Shiplap is a type of wood board that is often used horizontally on walls to give the farmhouse look.

But why not make your shiplap take on a more modern vibe? Consider adding shiplap in a little more unconventional way. How about putting shiplap on a ceiling, for example?

5. Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink is another common feature in this design style. With its wide porcelain band, it gives the appearance of kitchen sinks of yesteryear farmhouses.

You can add the farmhouse sink to your kitchen. You can also use them in both bathrooms and laundry rooms to incorporate the style into those spaces.

6. Color

Color, or maybe lack of color more specifically, is another part of the modern farmhouse style. You'll rarely find a modern farmhouse style home filled with lots of vibrant color and pattern.

Instead, the farmhouse style thrives on neutral colors like whites, grays, and tans. Keeping the colors muted and neutral helps to create a warm and tranquil feel to the space.

7. Mirrors

Probably there weren't many farmers who spent their days looking in the mirror. Yet, a well placed mirror is also a part of the modern farmhouse look.

Use the modern component of this style here. Consider a mirror with a metal frame or edge. The mirror helps to reflect the warm, neutral feel of the rest of your space.

8. Farmhouse Bench

One important space for this style that helps set the tone for the rest of your home is the entryway. Even if you don't have a dedicated entryway in your home, you can create one using a clean-lined bench.

The entry will work best by keeping it minimalist and simple. Place a natural wood bench that welcomes people into your home.

9. Add Some Black

We've already talked about how often the modern farmhouse style lacks color, but black is an important component to this style. The contrast between the neutrals in the rest of your and one spot of black really gives the farmhouse look a modern edge.

Consider adding black paint to the island in your white kitchen. How about black farmhouse chairs around your natural wood table to create the contrast?

10. Use Some Stools

Sure, once stools were used to reach things and maybe to prop your feet. Now, stools are an important accessory to the modern farmhouse style.

Add a pencil leg stool to a corner of your room. Put a nice plant in a basket and set it on the stool. You can also use a stool like a small side table or to hold your morning coffee and favorite antique book.

11. Farmhouse Accessories

The farmhouse style definitely uses some accessories. The key here is to add the farmhouse accessories sparingly to not make your space look cluttered or messy.

Consider a well-placed baske or a small stack of antique books on your coffee table with draped wood beads to create the style without overdoing it.

12. Vintage Farmhouse Sign

The farmhouse sign is a hallmark part of this style. Consider adding one statement farmhouse sign to a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

Keep the sign neutral with simple black letters to be authentic to the style.

13. Add Some Paint

While we've discussed keeping colors neutral, you can add paint. One part of the farmhouse style is painted furniture.

Choose a natural hue in the white, tans, or grays and paint a piece of accent furniture in your space.

14. Natural Wood Dining Table

Imagine the long farmhouse tables of the past. They were the cornerstone of the farmhouse kitchen.

Add this look to your home for a modern farmhouse style addition. Look for light natural wood materials. The trestle table is a popular choice for farmhouse inspired dining rooms.

15. Chalkboards

Chalkboards aren't just for school anymore. Wall-sized chalkboards are a part of this style. You can even add a framed chalkboard to an entry, kitchen, or laundry room.

Use These Farmhouse Design Ideas in Your Home Today

Use these farmhouse design ideas to add some of this popular aesthetic to your home. Let the neutral colors and natural woods inspire your choices to add this look to some spaces in your home.

Need inspiration and ideas for ways you can add the modern farmhouse style to your house? Visit our collection of fine farmhouse inspired furniture.