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Amish Custom Crafted 17 Foot Hybrid Lighthouse With Base - Door & Bell

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Ships In 6-12 Weeks

Great for the lake, restaurants, or the marina! Our Hybrid lighthouses are made with a poly top, a wood center, and a poly base included. Since the top and base of the lighthouses are the first to feel the effects of weather, the Hybrid gives you a product that will last considerably longer than a standard wood lighthouse, while giving more flexibility with the tower design than All Poly lighthouses. For example the Cape Hatteras Stripes are not possible to produce in an all poly model, but are made available through the use of a wood tower on the hybrid model.
When choosing Lighthouse colors, the Primary Color will be the one which you have the most of on the tower; the Secondary Color will be the one you have less of on the lighthouse tower. When choosing Lighthouse Base colors, the Primary Color will be the one in the rectangles, the accent color will be the trim on the base.

  • Customizable
  • Ships Only To The Continental United States - Pick Up Available
  • Ships Minimal Assembly Required
  • Must Have Forklift Capable Of Lifting 3,000 lb. Available To Unload
  • Ships Directly From Manufacturer
  • Measures Approx. 17 Feet High x 66" Wide At The Base
  • Interior Storage Area ( Approx 20 Square Feet Of Storage)
  • Tower Interior Lighting Included.
  • Switches Allow You To Turn On Beacon Light Only, Beacon and Interior Tower Lighting Or No Lighting.
  • Weighs Approx. 1,000 lbs.
  • Approx. Ship Time: December thru March 2-4 Weeks, April thru November 4-8 Weeks
  • This Is A Custom Product & Not Returnable!

Lighting Options: Our lighthouses come equipped with standard electrical accent lighting which plugs into a standard AC/DC outlet, several other lighting options are available. When choosing a lighthouse option consider placement of your lighthouse in relation to a power source and proximity to residences. Solar lights are a great solution if power source is not available and you desire illumination for your lighthouse.

Standard Electrical Light: Standard light fixture, with 65 watt bulb.

Electrical Revolving Light: This light will most accurately simulate the effect of a real lighthouse with its continuous beam of bright light revolving 360 degrees. The revolving light operates off a small motor and system of mirrors to give it a beacon effect. Comes with 4 watt bulb, 120 volt, 36 RPM. Not available on our 2” lighthouse model.

X-Large Electrical Revolving Light: Large Strobe Electric Revolving Light Kit fits 8' & 12' wooden & poly lighthouses, this light is NOT designed for 6’ or smaller lighthouse model. This light will most accurately simulate the effect of a real lighthouse with its continuous beam of light revolving 360 degrees. The revolving light is a powerful halogen light in a tough ABS base. It features nylon gears, a durable motor and a stainless steel clamp ring. Great attention-getting characteristics with this 35 Watt Halogen bulb and mirrored revolving backer.

Measures Approx. 8" Diameter x 8.5" H, 120 Volt, 0.2 Amperes, 110000 Candelas/Second, 35 Watt Halogen Bulb, 12 RPM, Clear Dome, Visible For 10-12 miles.


Need help with choosing the options for your lighthouse? Please call us at 484-388-1508, we will be glas to assist you in creating the lighthouse of your dreams.

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